Sunday, May 12, 2013

CreateSpace Book Covers

Recently I published my ebook on CreateSpace. When you list a book on create space you can have them create a cover for you, or you can submit your own. Since I had already created an ebook cover for Shaper of Stone, I wanted to use the same image on the print book.

The big difference between an ebook cover and a print cover is that the ebook cover is just the front of the book while the print cover is one big image that wraps around from the back of the book to the front of the book. It is the back, spine and front of the book all in one image.

To make the print cover you need to know the size of your book. The trim size will tell you how big the front and back covers should be, but to figure out the size of the spine you need to know how many pages are in the book and how thick each page is.

CreateSpace provides the numbers so you can do the math. Do the math? Hah! My degree is in math and I didn’t want to do the math. Fortunately you don’t have to. You can use the Artwork & Templates tool at .do to do the work for you. The page even has a great set of instructions right next to the form.

When it is done you’ll have a zip file that contains a pdf and a png for your cover. Open the png file in any art program and simply cut and past your image into the areas set aside for each piece. 

Since I already had artwork from my ebook that I was going to use, the entire process took less than an hour.

If you are going to use art from your ebook be sure to verify that you have the print rights to it. I’ve noticed that many cover artists have one price for ebook and a different price for ebook and print.

Good Luck!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Shaper of Stone - Now Available

Shaper of Stone is now available at and the new website at is up and running. The numbers for the first week were much better than I expected.

I’m working on my second novel, Shaper of Air, and included a sneak preview at the end of Shaper of Stone.

Now that I’ve completed publishing with Amazon, and working out the final proofing issues with CreateSpace, I will be going back to my article on cover design to add a few things that I learned in the later stages of producing Shaper of Stone. Primarily it will be how to take the ebook cover and convert it into an actual paperback cover.